Is it safe to play?

We use state of the art foam tipped arrows that ensure the safest play!

How long does each match last?

Each match can last anywhere from 5-10 min. 

How old do you have to be?

We recommend a minimum age of 8.

How long is each match?

Matches can be anywhere from 5-10 min. long

If I book an Event/Birthday party do I get my own space?

Yes, you will get your own area for you and your group, it will consist of 3×6 foot tables.

If I book an Event/Birthday party can I bring in my own food and beverages?

Yes, you are allowed to bring in your own ice chest and your own food if you book with us.

How many people can play?

For the best experience we suggest a minimum of 4v4 and max 10v10

Can I bring my own equipment?

You can bring your own Paintball mask, however it has to be approved. No outside bows are allowed, we will provide all necessary equipment for play.

Is Jesus God?

John 1